April 20, 2021

Beauty Tips While at Home by Sumi from Malaysia)


Around the world we are going through unprecedented time due to the covid-19 threat. As people are still hesitant to go to beauty saloon, maintenance of skin and beauty has become quite challenging.  Here are some tips which will guide to take care of you at home with easily available ingredients around.


  1. Sleep – Sleep is very important for our body as well as beauty. Make sure you have enough quality sleep every day as per your body need.


  1. Exercise – Exercise is crucial for physical fitness and it is a great deterrent of wrinkle, fine line and sagging skin as well. Allocate 15 – 30 minutes from daily routine for exercise. Using weight or machine is not mandatory for home exercise. It can be in form of free hand, aerobic or yoga. Just make sure that you break a sweat.


  1. Stay hydrated – There is no alternative of water to keep our skin hydrated. It is advisable to take 8 to 12 glasses of water daily. Besides, you can also take fruits and veggies that are naturally loaded with water such as cucumber, tomatoes, grapefruit, celery etc.


  1. Exfoliate regularly – Exfoliating is essential as it removes dead cells from the surface of our skin which makes it healthy-looking. You may use below ingredients generally available at home.


  1. Rice flour (powder) – 2 spoons
  2. Honey – 1 spoon
  3. Liquid milk – 2/3 spoons

Mix together and scrub gently on face for 3 to 5 minutes then wash it off with lukewarm water. Try this once in a week.


  1. Face Mask – You may use the same ingredients in deferent way as a face mask.


  1. Rice starch– 2 spoons
  2. Honey – 1 spoon
  3. Liquid milk – 2 spoons

Mix the three ingredients together to create a paste, apply on face and keep for 15-20 minutes. Then wash off with plain water. This mask is good to use daily.


  1. Moisturizer – Finally apply some moisturizer to protect your skin from the various effects of weather, like heat and wind. You can use any moisturizer but make sure that it suits your skin.


Following above steps should keep your skin healthy and fresh while staying at home. Please note that stress have direct impact on face and beauty. Hence, manage the stress in creative way to make yourself happy as much as possible. Stay safe, stay beautiful.

Sumi Paul,


Courtesy: @BglamorousSumi

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